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What are the benefits of fitting double glazing?

What Are The Benefits Of Fitting Double Glazing 1

Why fit double glazing to your home? Well, for plenty of reasons...

There are plenty of reasons why you should fit double glazing in your home. Double glazing is primarily used to keep household costs down and reduce carbon footprint, so as well as saving money you're also contributing to a greener environment.

Reduces costs

Houses can lose as much as a quarter of all heat through windows, meaning that there is considerable loss of heat for single pane windows.

When you fit double glazing in your house the first thing you'll notice is that it keeps your rooms warmer for longer. Compared to single-pane windows, double glazing stops as much as 50% of the heat from escaping, meaning that you can turn down the thermostat a few degrees, which will save a huge amount of money over the course of the year.

Fitting double glazing panes means that you'll save money on your energy bills and maintain a comfortable, long-lasting temperature in your home.

Reduces carbon footprint

The maths is simple - the less heat you use, the less fossil fuels are needed to be burned to generate that heat. This will reduce the amount of CO2 that is emitted into the environment.

For more information about how double glazing can reduce costs, visit the Energy Saving Trust.

Reduces outside noise

Live near a main road, school or construction site? Outside noises waking you up at night? Double glazing will significantly reduce (sometimes completely eliminating it) from your house. Having two panes of glass will block out most of the noises that can keep you awake during the night or affect your comfort.

Improved security

One of the most common points of entry for burglers are windows. By fitting modern double glazing that incorporate security features, you'll be helping you and your family reduce the chances of being burgled.

Improved safety

Single pane windows have a fundamental flaw - they're unsafe, especially if you have young children. Traditional windows tend to shatter into sharp, dangerous shards of glass, which can prove fatal.

Double glazing is much safer - in 'critical locations' it is UK law to fit toughened or shatterproof glass. It also offers a greater degree of safety if it is smashed.

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